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semi automatic cling film rewinder

Food Cling Film Roll Rewinding Machine

Food Cling Film Roll Rewinding Machine, PPD-FCFR450


Food cling film roll rewinding machine is suit for both PE cling film,PVC cling film,PE food stretch wrap for casting film and blowing film.
It is very compact,and short in height,the female operator can sit down for production,it is automatic loading and start,automatic stop when reach length set,automatic unload the finished roll,the automatic cutting off of the finished roll is also included the machine function,operator only need to leg press for the button to cut off.

Main data:
Raw material:PE/PVC cling film,Food stretch film
Unwind roll width:450mm
Unwind roll Inner Diameter:76mm
Unwind roll Outer Diameter:max450mm
Rewinding roll width range:max450mm
Rewinding roll Inner Diameter:30/35/38/40mm
Rewinding roll length:3-300m
Speed:max 300m/min
Total power:1.5kw
Voltage:220/240/380/415/440v etc


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