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Stretch film slitter rewinder

LDPE stretch film slitter rewidner

LDPE stretch film slitter rewidner, PPD-PD500


LDPE polythene stretch film slitter rewinder is designed for the converting purpose for JUMBO ROLL into small sub roll of LDPE stretch film,ploythene stretch film,polyethylene stretch wrap etc.

As a upgrade model,machine is built with circuit board +digital panel control with inverter controlling motor for stable producuton.

Ideal for banding stretch wrap roll,bundling stretch film roll slit and rewind.

The production speed at 600meter per minute for increase the production benefit as reduce the labor cot/electrical expenses to compare with the low speed model.

The machine can work as a standard stretch film rewinding machine as value added.

Main technical specs:

Material:LDPE/LLDPE/Polythene/Polyethylene stretch film

Max width of parent roll:500mm

Inner diameter of parent roll:76mm

Max outer diameter:500mm

Slit&rewind roll width:20-500mm

Slit&reiwnd roll inner diameter:25.4/38/50/76mm option

Slit&rewind roll outer diameter:300mm

Speed:max 600m/min

Total power:1.87kw


Air supply:0.2-0.3Mpa


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