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automatic stretch film rewinding machine

Automatic polythene stretch film rewinder machine

Automatic polythene stretch film rewinder machine, PPD-ARW500


Automatic polythene strtech film rewinder machine is ideal model for high speed rewinding for polyethylene stretch film,polythene strtech film,LLDPE stretch film for stretch film heavy converting purpose.

Automatic polythene stretch film rewinder machine is high speed rewinding model for produce the machine stretch film,hand stretch film,pallet stretch wrap film,industrial stretch wrap etc.

It is also designed for multi-task for rewinding PE stretch food wrap film,PVC food cling film etc.

Machine is CE certificate,ROHS certificate approved to meet premium Europe market requirement for safety and environment etc.

With PLC interface program,inverter controlled motor,LCD touch color screen for user friendly,self-diagnosis if any error appears.

Main Technical Data:

Material:LLDPE/Ploythene/Polyethylene stretch film,PVC cling film

Maximum width of original roll:500mm

Maximum diameter of original roll:500mm

Inner diameter of original roll:3''

Sub rewind roll width:200-500mm

Sub rewind roll inner diameter:1.5/2/3inch

Sub roll outer diameter:Maximum 300mm


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