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pre stretch film rewinder

Pre stretch film rewinder

Pre stretch film rewinder, PPD-PS600


This is our company latest model for fully automatic spre stretch film rewinder,it is high speed,user friendly.
Machine is with man-machine interface communication program,touch color screen.
It can pre stretch film from 100% up to 300% in length,it will make the stretch film more of smooth,and more economical for usage.
As an option,it can automatic rewind the standard stretch film,it is 2 in 1 model.
This machine is covered for patent in many countries,welcome to send inquiry to request a video.
Main technical data:
Material:LLDPE stretch film
Max width of mother roll:600mm
Max outer dia of mother roll:500mm
Inner diameter of mother roll:76mm
Rewind roll width max 600mm
Rewind roll max diameter 300mm
Rewind roll inner diameter 1.5/2/3inch

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