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automatic pre stretch film rewinder



This is new technology developed from Italy machine,it was built in Taiwan machine,now we take over and build in much better of logic and structure.Machine designed for meeting CE standard for safety controlling.
We have successfully applied the Patent from China,other countries patent are pending.
It is very high speed,fully automatic pre-stretch rewinding, rapid for automatic shaft exchange,PLC man-machine interface communication Program,Touch screen operating for user friendly.
It is 2 multifunction with pre-stretching, and rewinding of film. By speed ratio pre-stretching of roller guiding,it can rewind the jumbo roll can be to hand rolls by different width.
After pre stretch,the length of the film can be stretched to in the range of 100%-300%,it is even able to pre stretch to 400% decided by the jumbo film roll quality standard.The detailed ratio can be decided by buyer requirement.
According to the difference of the speed ratio, it can result difference kind pre-stretching need,this is a way to make the stretch film more economical for longer length usage,much smoother,improve the out looking of quality of hand roll if the mother roll with defect printing.
It is ideal model for pre stretch film rewinding,meanwhile it is 2 in 1 machine to be multi-functional to be a standard automatic stretch film/cling film rewinding machine. it is user friendly,cost effective.New factory user can buy one machine to start the business for stretch film/cling film rewinding and pre stretch film rewinding.then later can consider to buy the second machine depand on the business going.
Less skilled operator request,One operator can run maximum 3 units of machines at the same time,it can reduce the labor cost from production.
Technical Date:
1.Unwinding roll width: 100-600mm
2.Unwinding paper tube diameter: 3inch(76mm)
3.Unwinding Diameter: max 600mm
4.Rewinding width: 100-600mm
5.Rewind paper tube diameter: 1.5,2,3inch(38/50/76mm option)
6.Rewinding Diameter: 300mm(max)
7.Rewinding speed: 600m/min(max)
8.Voltage: Option
9.Power: 4kw
10.Machine dimension: 1450x1000x1050mm
11.Weight: 1 Ton

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