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coreless Stretch film slitting rewinding machine

Coreless Stretch Film Slitting Rewinding Machine

Coreless Stretch Film Slitting Rewinding Machine,

Brief Introduction:
Ideal for slitting the stretch film,PE film,PVC Food cling film etc. By the excellent pneumatic shaft to release the air pressure,,it can produce coreless stretch film roll. It also be able to slit standard stretch film roll with paper core when use the standard accessory.
Meanwhile,as an free option,this is also multi-funcational model to be a stretch film rewinder from the mother roll to hand roll for the smaller width by the knife system removed.
It is user friendly,cost effective.A skilled operator not requested.
Technical Data:
1.Unwind width: 600mm(max)
2.Unwind roll max diameter: 420mm
2.Unwind paper core dia: 3 inch(76mm)
3.Rewind diameter: 300mm(max)
5.Rewind width: 30mm-600mm
6.Rewind paper tube dia: 1.5 inch,2 inch,3 inch(76)
7.Rewinder speed: 650m/min(max)
8.Slitter speed: 650m/min(max)
9.Dimension: 1250x900x1000mm(LKW)
10..Power: 3KW

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