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Stretch film slitter rewinder installation guide

11 / Mar

 The stretch film slitter rewinder machine is installed as follows:

1. The base line is to be installed and the foundation is checked; 2. The base plate is installed and a grouting; 3. The base film is placed on the base film of the roll-wrapping film roll; Roller assembly correcting, base plate secondary grouting; Fifth, put the film roll and frame assembly alignment and grouting; six lifting mechanism and bedknife assembly; Seven, transmission and ancillary equipment assembly; eight, commissioning and acceptance.

The vertical and horizontal reference lines of the slitter are determined by drawing. If the slitting machine is the same as the longitudinal base line, it should be planned uniformly.
The basic grouting method and requirements for the first time are the same as the basic board of the machine. If the frame and the base plate are integrated, they should be installed together and put on the bottom rollers for initial alignment and first grouting.
After the strength of the grouted concrete reaches 7% of the design strength, the gantry and the bottom roller are placed in position for correction, and the secondary grouting of the foundation plate is performed. Specific requirements are as follows: 1. The two bottom rollers should be parallel to each other. With the inner diameter of the fine rod check, tolerance 0.03 mm; two, two bottom roller level measurement with the level meter, the tolerance is plus or minus 0.05 mm per meter; both sides of the rack guide surface should be vertical, measured by hanging wire method, visual inspection should be No error, it can also be checked with a box level, with a tolerance of 0.05 mm. Fourth, both sides of the rack rail surface should be in the same plane, and parallel to the bottom roller, using the pull line inspection, visual inspection without error.
The vertical and horizontal centerlines of the winding film roll should be drawn according to the cutting machine's baseline, and the foundation can also be divided into secondary grouting. Lay the film roll and its frame, it is required that the center of the film roll is parallel to the bottom roll, and the span level should be checked with a level meter, and the tolerance should be plus or minus 0.01 mm per meter.
Assembling the lifting mechanism and bedknife and the upper knife shaft requires flexible lifting, equal lifting, and assembly of the upper blade and the bottom blade, meeting the design requirements and turning lightly.
The assembly of the transmission system is based on the center line of the bottom roller and the size of the pattern.
When the roll film roll pushing device is assembled, its stroke should be perpendicular to the center line of the bottom roll.
The assembly of the parts of the slitter is carried out crosswise during the installation of the main body.
The no-load test run of the slitting machine shall be continuously run for 2-4 hours. If there is a separate transmission for the winding film roll, the relative speed shall be adjusted during the load test run, and the deviation shall meet the design requirements.
The no-load test run of the slitting machine shall meet the following requirements: 1. The mechanical operation shall be stable, and the temperature of the roller bearing of the bottom roller shall not exceed 70 degrees; 2. The transmission system shall be in normal operation; each control and lifting, pushing and unloading device shall be flexible and accurate.

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