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Stretch film rewinding machine package profile

14 / Dec

As a leading manufacturer of STRETCH FILM REWINDING MACHINE,CLING FILM REWINDING MACHINE,Jiaxing Patsons Stretch Film Rewinder Manufacturing Plant offering the international standard packaging,our machine are well-wrapped by stretch film stronly,the operation panel,touch screen will be wrapped by cloth out of the stretch wrap.

Then the wrapped machine will be put int a strong plywooden case is exporting grade with fumigated process.This is to avoid the damage during the oversea delivery by Sea or air,evn th railway to East Europe etc.

With our fine workmanship during every apsect,our machines are warmly welcome in Europe,Australia,South America,Asean region,North America,USA etc.

Our AUTOMATC STRETCH FILM REWINDING MACHINE,AUTOMATIC CLING FILM REWINDING MACHINE are out of stocl all the time,it need to be ordered one month in advance,plase kindy have a note for our macine user/agents.

Stretch Film Rewinder, Automatic Stretch Film Rewinding Machine
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